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Proceed to supporting and placing the beams the same way as the paralel tiles. Place the hollows (2) between them, two tiles placed within each interval (3). Put the irons of crossed straps according to the quantity, size and gauge indicated in the blueprints (4).
Wet the material well and concrete the straps and the cover, placing the existing negative irons according to the below instructions. The same rules should be followed when placing the paralel tiles as to the beams, hollows and crossed straps marking.

Distribute the irons according to the gauge and quantity indicated in the blueprint. (1) Lean the irons upon a ½in shingle. (2) Fix their endings with a spoonful of concrete. (3) As the shingle is taken off, the coating can be overlaid. Do not let the iron get into the joints of the beams and tiles, as it should stay in the middle of the coating thickness.